Web Design Leicester

Bouncing Frog marketing is a small company web design & marketing based in Leicester. We provide reasonably priced web design and marketing services to new and existing small businesses & sole traders in Leicester. We produce mobile responsive professional websites as standard.  Bouncing Frog marketing are committed to good, compliant, web design solutions that work for you and promote your business to its greatest potential. We believe that simple, professional websites can be achieved on a small budget.

We offer maintained websites, content management systems, search engine optimisation, and web hosting to suit all types of budget. We understand that each customer has different requirements and that's why we have created various packages designed to fit your company's needs.If you can not find a package which is absolutely ideal for you, please call and we can custom it to your individual requirements.

Web design Leicester

How to get a website on a budget?

To allow us to create the perfect website on a budget, we have created a list of requirements. This will give you a head start.....:)

  1. Decide how many web pages you require - Home, services, team, gallery, contact?
  2. Create some content for each page
  3. Take high quality photographs, preferably with a SLR camera or buy some stock images
  4. Supply all details such as phone numbers, email addresses, opening times, address, company number,
  5. Logos
  6. Set up and supply social media addresses

We also offer copywriting, photography, logo design and social media set up services.

Our Packages.......

Website Maintenance Packages

Most customers use a website to generate sales and not just to gain an online presence. With this is mind, although you may wish to make changes to your website which could include text, images, telephone number, address, up-date links etc, these are just general changes. These simple changes keep your customers up to date with your services, who you are and where you are. This is great, but in order to keep customers returning to you, and your website performing in the search engine rankings to find new ones, you must add new and interesting content.

At Bouncing Frog we offer four packages. Bronze is our basic package. This allows us to keep your website working. It enables us to make the necessary security and plugin updates which are essential.

Bouncing Frog offer a Silver Copywriting package. This allows us to maintain your website content. An unserviced website will slowly slip down the google rankings. Content renewal is an on-going process and needs attention on a regular basis. The amount you wish to pay really reflects on the hours you would like us to spend on your website. Another area that will need attention is SEO. If your website is a high traffic website and a high proportion of your sales rely on the google ranking of the website, then you may wish to opt for a higher package.  The Gold package includes on-going search engine optimisation which reflects the hours spent on your website a month and will keep your website performing well in the google rankings.


Web design prices start from £350. CMS prices from £500 (includes training)..

Soletraders are offered free security and pluggin updates for the first year. Please get in touch for more information.

Website maintenance can be quoted on at an hour to hour basis. Minimum charge is £50.

Did you have your WordPress website built elsewhere???    

We have been receiving many calls regarding marketing management for small businesses. So, we now offer WordPress website management (including search engine optimisation), social media management & photography as a stand alone product regardless of whether we built your website. Many customers are either too busy, or can not afford to have their own marketing staff, so we are happy to offer this service on a monthly payment scheme. Prices start from £60 a month.

Add ons.......

Marketing & Branding

We offer social media integration, enabling live feeds on your website. We can also take care of logo design and marketing material including leaflet design & case studies, which are all designed to your new or existing branding. If you have just started a new business, we can work with you to create a brand for your new company, using your ideas with our know-how.

What we do:

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Leaflets
  • Brochures
  • Case Studies

Please get in touch for a quote.